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Friday, July 27, 2007


The latest update in the adventures of the little purple mouse that BJ has named "Chrysanthemum" -- she now has a tail.

She came to us without any tail at all. She was part of a toy set labeled "safe for under 3" and thus required to be entirely without anything that might be pulled off, chewed off, or otherwise turned into a choking hazard. Long skinny piece of rubber? I don't think so.

We've had the toy since BJ was about 6 months old, and he'd play with it occasionally, but it wasn't until about 2 weeks ago that he selected out the little purple mousie and attached himself to her. Ever since, it's been clear that her lack of a tail troubles him. (Never bothered him before!) He finally remedied this by rooting through his Legos, finding an orange Lego square that had a little red string "tail" attached to it, and carrying that around with him wherever Chrysanthemum went. He would try in vain to get it to stick to her little rubber rear, eventually contenting himself with just placing it next to her and every so often moving the purple doohickey at the end of the red string so that it touched where a tail would have been.

After watching him do this for three days, I decided that I'd rather give the little toy a permanent tail than deal with the inevitable meltdown that would happen when BJ lost the precious orange Lego. So I pulled out some white ribbon and a needle and did the deed. I just pray that my crafting skills will be equal to his toddler ability to pull things apart. I told him that if he pulls it off I won't be able to fix it. So far he's been quite gentle with her. We'll see.

I'd take a picture, but she's snuggled up in bed with him. Lucky little rubber mouse.

So here's a pic from before she was surgically altered by yours truly. You can see her and the orange Lego "tail" that BJ tried to give her, alongside her name, which he has spelled out using letters from his various letter puzzles. (Yes, he did it by himself; yes, he's only 2 years and four months old.) He used the Kevin Henkes book cover as a reference to get everything in the right order, but even so we were duly impressed.

In other impressive events, BB is now crawling. It's a commando crawl, often on a diagonal, but it is definitely forward motion. She still rolls a lot to get where she's going, but she's quite proud of her new ability to head for something straight on. Unfortunately, that "something" is more often than not whatever BJ is playing with. So far she hasn't gone for Chrysanthemum, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time....


April said...

WOW, BJ is one smart cookie! I'm very impressed!!

Toni said...

I think that little story about the tail is so charming. He will enjoy hearing about it when he grows up and I bet you will tell his kids about it too!

Cara said...

That's great! Yay for adding a tail and I didn't know that about the 'under 3' toys :)