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Friday, July 6, 2007


Ye gods, but it's amazing how fast the kids are growing. BB and BJ both seem to surprise me with something new, every day. This morning, it was BJ piling up all his stuffed animals and informing me they were "the zoo." Later this afternoon, he was trying to spell out "numbers" with his foam letter alphabet, all by himself: "NUMR." BB can now make it all the way across the kids' bedroom, just by rolling!

It's astonishing to look at them -- to look at her, and remember when he was that little; to look at him, and realize that all too soon she will be walking around and talking and becoming her own unique self.

One of BJ's latest fascinations is the garden. He just loves going out with me to water the plants and to talk about the flowers and vegetables. He is especially entranced by the sunflowers. Is it because they, too, seem to be getting visibly bigger almost by the hour? (The fence is 6 feet high, and they topped it some time ago -- and they haven't even gotten their flowers yet!)

I'm glad to say that my typically brown thumb is getting a wee bit more verdant these days. The plants are thriving, and S and I are already starting to get bored with zucchini. Not BJ, though. If it grew in our backyard, he wants to eat it. (Not always too much of it, mind you, but at least a bite.) He also wants to name it, repeatedly and alphabetically if possible. He can tell you that we have beets, basil, canteloupe, cosmos, daisies, honeysuckle, lantana, lemons, lettuce, lobelia, marigolds, mint, nasturtiums, plums, pumpkins, snap peas, strawberries, sunflowers, tomatoes, yellow squash, and zucchini, to name a few. (Note to self: next year, must plant arugula, edamame, fennel, some gourds....)

After all, this is the boy who learned his alphabet, in part, by memorizing Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z.

So for all you parents will picky toddlers out there, try planting a garden! It's amazing what it will do for your kid's vegetable intake. And everybody knows, you gotta eat your veggies to keep growing like this!


April said...

Oh, what a cutie pie! He looks quite proud of 'his' garden. Wow at all the things you have planted. Here's wishing you a happy harvest!

(I'll have to take some pics of my little ones in our garden next week after we till/weed it. It's quite jungley right now. LOL)

Cara said...

Ooo, your garden looks wonderful! What a happy boy! I'm wearing my nursing necklace *and* earrings right now, love them!