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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy 6 months, BB!

BB turned six months old today. (How the heck did that happen?) It's been a whirlwhind half a year, more blessed and crazy-busy than I ever could have imagined. She's sitting up now, and almost crawling. It will be interesting to see when she actually crawls; since she's figured out how to roll everywhere she needs to go, the motivation to crawl may not be all that strong.

We celebrated with mini-brownies for dessert. (No, BB didn't get any. She'll have to wait for the second-hand breastmilk version! But she gobbled up her banana, served frozen in one of those marvelous mesh bag feeders.) BJ joined us in a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" and blew out BB's candle for her. He then shared some of his brownie with Chrysanthemum, his little toy mouse, recently named thus because Kevin Henkes' darling story is BJ's favorite book this week.

Chrysanthemum has been the main character in most of BJ's imaginative play for the last few days. It started with an elaborate and slightly disturbing game of his in which he pretends to almost vacuum up the little mousie (by nearly running it over with his plastic popcorn popper push toy) and then "saves" her at the last minute by moving her to the rug. And not just anywhere on the rug, mind you. It's one of those play rugs from Ikea printed with a road running through landscapes (desert, forest, city, ocean) and Chrysanthemum must be placed on the beach or all bets are off.

I have no idea where all this came from, except that we actually managed to vacuum the house this week, which is a rarer occurrence than I would wish. Apparently it made quite an impression on BJ.

This afternoon, we made Chrysanthemum a house out of Lego blocks. You can barely see her there in the middle; she's a little purple rubber thing. Looks a lot like a cat toy, actually. (It's a fine line between cat toys and kid toys in this house, I confess.) It's really fun to see BJ's imagination leaping and bounding into existence. He was so proud of what we'd built!

And there in the background you can see our first attempt at watercolor painting. He did the red and I did the blue. He's getting so good at making circles! It's very impressive.

I'm sure that I'll barely get turned around twice before BB is a year old. Soon she too will be painting and building and making her own intricate amusements. Blink, and the seconds swoosh by, the days dissolve. It's absolute cliche, but nonetheless true, and still astonishing to experience.


Cara said...

Aww, that is just too sweet! I love how you told about his imaginary friend, what a sweet little story!

mommyandmeboutique said...

What beautiful, beautiful children. My oldest son had an imaginary friend. Very interesting! I have added your link to my blog.