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Monday, July 23, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish...

It's been a fishy week around here:

  1. My latest Baby Friendly Beads creation was an Asymmetrical Fish necklace, finally giving a home to two purple fish beads. It's an unusual color combination for me. I've been trying to work outside my usual color schemes and design patterns recently, which is a fun challenge.
  2. When I found those two beads swimming at the bottom of my stash, I also found a little blue fish bead, which inspired my entry into the Bloggy Giveaway. For details, see this post.
  3. We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, our first "just us four" family outing since BB's arrival.

BJ had a blast. It's the third time he's been, and this time he really knew what to expect. He got such a kick out of seeing the jellyfish. Jellyfish have a bit of a family mythology, I suppose, since S was stung by a Man O' War during our winter semester spent abroad in Martinique. (Almost 15 years ago, now!)

One of BJ's favorite things to do is to look through our photo album from the trip and exclaim, "A Jellyfish stung Daddy's Belly!" (Yes, I took a picture. I am my father's daughter, after all.) And then he blows raspberries on S's stomach with a lot of zest. And spit. (He also gets great delight out of seeing the pictures of me in a bikini and shrieking, "Mommy's in a hot zucchini!" Yes, he means bikini -- and no, he didn't learn it on his own. Thanks, S.)

BB's favorite part was the "waterbed" in the (most excellent) Splash Zone kid's area. She had enormous fun rolling around here! She was also quite entranced by the sardines.

BB also did a lot of sleeping, and S and I joked that we ought to have been recording the sounds of the crowd and the ambient noise of the water to play for her when she sleeps (instead of the white noise we currently use).

BJ really enjoyed the touch pools this time around. In previous trips, he just wasn't quite sure what to do with them. This time, though, he poked and prodded and stroked with the best of 'em. The kelp seems to have made a particular impression, as he has repeatedly told me that it "felt like broccoli."

Bright blessings on the makers of my Sutemi carrier; it's the only carrier I've found that is at all comfortable for an all-day excursion like this!

Overall the day was much more relaxing than I would have anticipated. And hey, any trip that ends both with a new alphabet book and with both kids zonked out in the car has to be counted as a success!

1 comment:

SeasideQuilts said...

Wonderful pictures! Sounds like it was a great day!