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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Children's Discovery Museum

On Tuesday, we made our first family-of-four visit to the Children's Discovery Museum. Before BB was born, this was a favorite hangout for me and BJ. Naturally, BJ made a beeline for the alphabet area and started working his way through, letter by letter. He did this a good half-dozen times, simply delighted. He even managed to share, so long as no other kids were trying to do it out of alphabetical order (horror of horrors).
I'd been wanting to take BB for some time, now that she's crawling. They have a fantastic room designed just for crawlers and pre-crawlers, full of wonderful stuff at a baby's eye-level. Since they don't allow older kids in that room, I'd been waiting for a day when S could accompany us, so that we could each take charge of one of the kids. It worked out well, and BB was fascinated, particularly with the windows at her cruising level and with the fluid-filled blocks.
Afterwards, we had a picnic in front of the museum and enjoyed the lovely fall day. BJ went leaf collecting and tree hugging, and BB did some leaf collecting (and ingesting) of her own. (I swear, babies think the world is their salad bar.)
They certainly kept us busy, but it was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to returning very soon!


Cara said...

That sounds neat :) That was one of the good things about California... lots of different kid-oriented places to visit. The crawling room sounds especially fun :) The world is a salad bar, don't cha know? :o)

April said...

That musuem sounds SO awesome! And you got some great shots of those cuties of yours.