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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today at lunchtime, BJ announced he was "entertaining" BB. I looked over, and he was sharing her teether rings. Sure enough, she thought this was quite entertaining.

But, fun as it is to share germs with your siblings, BB's favorite form of entertainment these days is a game that she and S have. Daddy makes a stack of colored plastic cups, takes a little firefighter figurine and climbs the stack (along with the requisite "doot-doot-doot" climbing noises), and then BB gleefully knocks the whole thing over. (As you might imagine, she doesn't always wait until the firewoman is at the top.)

I didn't even know this game existed until this evening, when S happened to mention it. Apparently, she and S have been doing it for days. This now explains, I think, why BB dug out that specific firewoman figurine and brought it to me several times today. She wanted me to play the game! Now that I think about it, she did have that expectant "Entertain Me, Mommy!" look about her. Though that expression on her face is hardly a rarity around here these days.

Other entertaining news: BJ has started making up songs. On the way home from story time at the library today, it was:

Good bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye-bye
Good bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye-bye...
(repeat this theme for about five minutes)

When he was finished, he informed me quite seriously that the song was called "Bye-bye Good." And that it was "By 'BJ'." Actually, he used his full first and last name, which tickled me extremely. It always cracks me up when he says his last name, because his toddlerese pronunciation gives it a remarkable resemblance to an 80's band that shall not be named.


Julie said...

My guy also likes making up songs. His favorite goes, "Pea NUT butter SANDwiches." Then he'll repeat, changing to the last syllable to whatever he happens to see.

Peanut butter sandwich chair
Peanut butter sandwich plate
Peanut butter sandwich mommy

He also has one about apples on a tree and one about sunlight in your hand. Among others.

It's just too cute.

Julie B said...

so cute-I love the photos! My girls have such a way of entertaining each other-it's so neat to see that bond ;)
That is funny about the special game! Daddys have a way of making something so simple into this special gift, don't they?
I love the song! Analese has been creating songs for quite awhile now..the best are the ones she sings to herself in her room and doesn't know I am listening :)

Jen said...

that is absolutely adorable, julie!!! I can totally imagine DJ singing that.

I think you're right, julie b. ... the best ones are the ones we overhear, when they think we aren't listening.