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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Preview

I breathed a huge sigh of relief today -- after all the weeks of hoopla, BJ consented to wear his costume to BB's playgroup's Halloween party. Not only that, but he had great fun darting around, informing people that he was an angel, and shedding silver glitter in his wake. (The wings are painted with silver glitter, and for the life of me I can NOT get them to stop leaving tiny gleaming bits of sparkly dandruff wherever he goes.)

The party itself was somewhat overwhelming -- it was for all the 2007 playgroups, which meant lots and lots of babies in adorable costumes but little to interest BJ. Still, he got to eat some cookies, BB got out of the house for a bit (always a plus), and I found it gratifying to see so many families out with their little ones. Plus, I partnered up with one of the grandmas in our group to play the "Wrap the Mummy" game (where you have to "wrap" a partner in 2 rolls worth of toilet paper; the first to use up both rolls win) and we won a $75 gift certificate for a pizza outing for our playgroup. Not too shabby!

I'm hoping to get better pics on Wednesday, but here's a preview of the kids en costume. Keep fingers crossed that the costumes are as much of a hit on Halloween night as they were today!

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