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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, or Samhain, if your inclinations lie that way ;-) Our angel and devil had a pretty good time tonight, even if Mommy was a little frazzled. In spite of my best attempts to plan otherwise, we ended up trick 0r treating right at 6:30, which is when we start BB's bedtime ritual stuff. So she wasn't really at her best. Even so, she was adorable in her devil costume and waved at everybody she saw. BJ was excited to dress up as an angel (Yay!) and was painfully cute, insisting on carrying a yellow oxalis blossom as we went house to house. He loved seeing all the other kids in their costumes, and I think he had an even better time handing out candy than he did going door to door. Though for the first time, he really seemed to understand the allure of candy. (Alas.)

I wish I'd gotten a pic of S in costume. He wore his toga and looked pretty good. I also wish I'd had the time and resources to put together a decent costume for myself. As it was, I barely managed to keep my $2 witch's hat on my head.

While trick or treating, BJ was particularly intrigued to be outdoors, at night. He kept commenting on how we were outside in the dark, even though it was only twilight. I was relieved that we didn't have any scary experiences -- no weirdness about masks or anxiety about decorations.

Two of our dear friends joined us tonight -- "Auntie L" and "Tia M." I made a big crockpot of black bean soup and an enormous pan of cornbread, in a small attempt to do something "special" to mark the day. I wish I'd been able to manage more in the way of ritual or reverence, but there just doesn't seem to be room or energy for that sort of magic in my life right now. It makes me a little sad, but I've (mostly) made my peace with that for the time being.

Oh, and apparently there was a fairly strong aftershock this afternoon. A 3-something. I think I felt it -- but then again, I was still jumping at car stereos all day, so it might have been a false alarm. It was a jumpy sort of day, all told. Which is, perhaps, to be expected.


April said...

Aww, what great costumes!! BB is getting so big! (Must be all that mama's milk, uh?). They are both too cute!

Julie B said...

I LOVE the costumes! They turned out so cute, and so glad to see he changed his mind about the angel :)

Angela said...

Oh those costumes are great! I love going with a theme!