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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It's been a full day. Just as I was sitting down to write this entry (about half an hour ago), I experienced my second earthquake ever. Preliminary reports have it as a 5.6, located 9 miles northeast of San Jose. My heart is still racing. I tell ya, the fight or flight response hits pretty hard when you're a mommy.

At first it sounded like an oncoming train, or like a really bumpin' car coming down the street. (So now, of course, my heart is leaping at every car stereo that goes by, convinced it's an aftershock. Four so far, in case you're wondering.) Then stuff started rattling, and there was that seasick sensation of the floor moving unnaturally. Of course these things always seem to last longer while they are happening, but it went on long enough for me to:

-- bolt from my chair
-- run instinctively to a doorway
-- get there and think, "Oh, crap!!! The kids!!!"
-- dart into our bedroom where BB was sleeping. The shaking was strong enough that it had woken her (either that or my panicked entry into the room.... ya think?) At any rate, she was crying, so I scooped her up and ran down the hall to check on BJ. He was still snoring.

By then, it was over. Just this weekend, I was gripped with a conviction that the area around BB's pack and play where she sleeps in our room was not adequately earthquake-proofed -- too many things on high shelves, etc. Couldn't entirely empty out the bookcase next to her, but I improved the situation significantly. Glad I did so, now!!!

I turned on the radio to hear what had happened, rocked with BB to calm her down (and myself as well) and stayed that way for about 20 minutes. Soon enough, she was utterly relaxed, and she helped me come down a few notches. Right after I settled her back in the pack and play, S called from campus where he's working late tonight. (Figures this would happen without him around.) I assured him that I was okay and so were the kids. And we are, and I am. But in truth my heart is still skipping a bit.

So anyway, what I'd originally planned to post about was how awesome BJ was today. He had his second dental appointment, and he was as wonderful as a kid could be. Let them mess around in his mouth, no problem and no fussing. Got his teeth polished and everything checked out fine. Took maybe 10 minutes, tops.

And then, since it had been so quick with his appointment, they offered to squeeze in the cleaning I needed. (I'd had to cancel it when we were all sick recently.) I was nervous about saying yes, but I figured I might as well give it a try. I'm delighted (amazed, astonished) to report that BJ sat for a good half an hour in the corner of the dentist's office while they cleaned my teeth. He entertained himself with an electronic letter toy the whole time, just working his way through the alphabet and playing around with the various buttons and settings. I was SO proud.

Then, this afternoon, S took the kids to the grocery store so I could get a bit of a break. According to S, on the way home BJ announced, unprompted, that I was his "favorite friend."

Talk about a heart-squeeze! (I think S was a little jealous, in truth. He and BJ have been locking horns recently.)

So the next time that I'm completely frustrated with BJ and the inevitable terrible toddler stuff that will happen, I promise to do my best to remember today. To remember being so proud of BJ, so totally touched by his sweetness. And feeling so incredibly grateful that all of us were ok in the face of nature's amazing power.


April said...

((HUGS)) I'm SO glad you guys are okay!!!

WTG on the great dentist appt!

Julie B said...

How scary!! Glad you all were ok!

SO SWEET that your his favorite friend! I love it :)