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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Table Talk

I love sitting and talking with BJ when we're at the table for snacks or meals. There's something about the "table talk" that makes for memorable exchanges.

Today, at morning snack:

BJ -- "Lemons are quiet."
Me -- "Really?"
BJ -- "Yes. Lemons don't talk. People talk."

He also informed me that he wanted to "bubble out" the lit candle on the table. Confused, I tried to get him to clarify. He was happy to show me; apparently, he meant blow out, in a long gentle blow like blowing bubbles.

Unfortunately, that was about all the fun and games we had today. I'm feeling really lousy, and both BB and BJ are sick as well. Thank heaven S has avoided it so far and was able to be home for much of the day today.

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