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Friday, February 8, 2008


BB has a new game -- she has discovered the fun of getting dizzy. First it was spinning around in the computer chair. Today, she figured out how to walk herself in a circle. BJ joined in as well, and soon all three of us were in the kitchen, getting dizzy.

Now, if you ask her, "Do you want to get dizzy?" she will give you this huge grin and start turning around as fast as she can. (Still pretty slow, but she's toddling at a pretty respectable rate for somebody who has only been walking for two months or so.) But she will only do it in the kitchen -- probably because this is the one spot in the house with enough uncluttered floor space to turn around without the likelihood of tripping.

I'm feeling better today. Not 100%, but better. Good enough to get a little dizzy with the kids and laugh about it instead of it making me want to toss my cookies. I'm far from becoming a whirling dervish. But these days, I'll take whatever improvement I can get.

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