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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yesterday at lunchtime, BJ announced that he wanted to eat "Boppi-Dop."

"What is Boppi-Dop?" I asked. S and I exchanged a look that said, Where does he get this stuff?

BJ sat down on the kitchen floor and seemed to consider for a moment. "It's something," he said, "something people usually don't eat."

When we were done laughing about this, BJ quite seriously insisted that I produce "Boppi-Dop" for lunch. When he agreed that a "Boppi-Dop" sandwich would be acceptable, I ended up making a honey and peanut butter sandwich (now that he's three years old, he's ok to eat peanuts and has been doing fine -- yay!) and for the special "something people usually don't eat" touch, I sprinkled wheat germ on top of the peanut butter.

"Look," I told him with a great show of enthusiasm. "You're eating germs! Good germs!!" I explained a bit about grains -- I doubt much of it sunk in. He was too interested in where it said GERM on the bottle. Though intrigued by the idea, he balked at the actual prospect of consuming it. Instead, he took apart the sandwich, ate the honey half, and attempted to bite off only the bread part of the peanut butter side. A big mess. But definitely memorable.

And now we know what "Boppi-Dop" is. I'll have to remember to tell his babysitters, just in case he wants it again someday.

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