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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CDM (Again!)

This morning we joined the 2007 playgroup in a field trip to the Children's Discovery Museum. As always, we had a really good time. S didn't have to teach, so he was able to come, which made the whole outing much easier. Also made pictures possible!

For the first time, we explored the water room. Both kids loved getting soaked!

A particular favorite was the exhibit that allowed you to simulate a rainstorm in varying intensities from drizzle to downpour. BB was especially impressed.

Getting a picture where they both look good is nearly impossible.

I asked him to say, "Cheese."

"Bow-wow!" he replied

As usual, BB has places to go and things to do. She thought the wagon was cool for a few moments, though.

And we made it out without a meltdown! Success!

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