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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Synchronize Your Watches....

It was a busy, busy day:
  • In the morning, I went to my friend J's baby shower. S stayed home with the kids, and I got a bit of a break -- though, it being a baby shower, much of the talk was about kids, babies, and motherhood. I only knew a few of the women there, but it was a friendly gathering. Yummy tea and scones, too.

  • In the afternoon, I took BJ to My Gym for a toddler birthday party for his friend G. It was his first experience at a place like that, and all told he had a really good time once he decided things were okay. S stayed home with BB while she napped. Nice to have some "special Mommy & BJ time." The ball pit was definitely the high point for BJ.

  • After the birthday party, I rushed home so that S and I could head to campus for an event he had organized. We had a quick bite to eat with some students, and then we attended a minuet lesson. S had planned a Jane Austen film festival along with some of his other student dorm assistants.... even if our schedule had allowed it, there's no way we could justify a day spent watching a bunch of movies. (Much as we are fans of Austen adaptations, and much as we might have liked to!) But we figured that the dance lesson would be worth the babysitter's fee. It was fun, but it turns out I am REALLY BAD at the minuet. The sciatica issues I'm having with my hip didn't help, of course, but the main problem was the footwork. I just couldn't get the hang of it. S is making noises about doing this as an annual activity, so perhaps after a few yearly lessons I'll do a bit better.

I'm amazed that the day went as smoothly as it did, with all that stuff going on. Busy, but fun. And we came home to find both kids fast asleep. (I love our babysitters!!!) Even though BB didn't nurse to sleep, she's been snoozing soundly for the past three hours. Can't ask for better than that!

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