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Monday, August 18, 2008

Dress Up Art Safari

This afternoon, we had a rousing game of dress up, which morphed into a game of safari when BJ put on the pith helmet. He arranged our collection of jungle animals on the floor, announcing that he would be the explorer and BB would be the artist. It was her job to draw the animals that he found. When BB wouldn't play along, he took it upon himself to draw them.

He was really anxious at first, wanting me to help, but I kept encouraging him and eventually he grabbed a marker and headed to the whiteboard of the easel. He wanted to know what shapes to draw for the body and the heads (I told him to draw ovals) and how many legs to draw, but the rest is his. He was quite clear about putting in two eyes and a bellybutton, and the results were a mighty fine giraffe and tiger -- his first-ever recognizable drawings of animals! Here's the giraffe:

Here's the tiger (with BJ also taking a "picture" with his Lego camera). He told S at dinner that he'd drawn a Four Stripe Tiger. Indeed!

Dress up generally has been a popular activity lately, especially with BB. She recently discovered the joy of sunglasses, which reminded BJ that he also likes to wear them.

And of course wearing our big shoes is always fun for her. She will often clomp around, delighted with herself. This is usually accompanied by her repeating "Too tight! Too tight!" I swear she knows she's being funny.

BB is also officially hooked on "California Baby" detangler. As her hair has been getting longer, it's become a daily ritual to spray and comb out the rat's nest that develops at the back of her head. She's actually letting me do some fairly cute stuff with her wisps of hair!

She also now demands the bottle of potion several times a day, presses her nose to the nozzle, and blisses out on the perfume. Both S and I checked the ingredients to be sure she wasn't doing herself an injury, but the stuff seems harmless. Of course we are highly amused, given that she is in fact a California Baby herself.

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