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Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Feature -- EBlankies and Tskirts

This week's Friday Feature is a fellow Etsykids member, Eileen of eblankies. She also runs a second shop, Tskirts.
I am green about her gorgeous sewing room -- not to mention her amazing sewing skills! The very thought of working with minky fleece makes me anxious! But boy does it feel nice.... I can almost sense how snuzzly and cozy her blankets must be, just by looking at them.

And her skirts look amazing!

Tell me two (or more!) interesting things about you.

I'm a retired Traffic Signal Electrician who quit work outside the home to home school our two kids, K-10 (both are in college now), and make a sell custom bras. Now I'm making blankets and TSkirts.

What do you sell in your Etsy shop?

I have my eblankies shop for luxury blankets, and my TSkirts shop for unique skirts made from tshirts.

What inspires your creations?
I love to facilitate comfort. I make my blankets to serve a purpose in addition to warmth. They truly have a way of making you feeling very, very loved.

Tell me a bit about your creative process and/or how you learned to do what you do.
I grew up in a houseful of five girls. My Mom sewed nearly all our clothes. We couldn't help but learn to love to sew and create!
I've always had a fascination with fabric combinations, and love to experiment with texture, color and construction. I scour the internet for unusual fabric and vintage inspiration. I love film noir and the fashion from the 30s, 40s and 50s, and incorporate vintage details whenever possible. My eblankies are silky, soft and always have satiny trim, so replendent in the 30s.

What is your favorite item in your shop (currently for sale or previously sold)? Why is it your favorite?
The Cherry Blossom Coral Red Black Asian Inspired Zen eblankie was one of my favorites because I love the color combinations. The tie-dyed velvet minky really accented the subtle corals and made the asian print "pop".

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? Nurturing, silly and curious.

What do you like about Etsy? The unending stream of creativity.

What makes your shop unique? My blankets are have the power to hug you and make you feel loved. I'm totally serious!

What advice do you have for other folks selling or buying on Etsy?
Just explore! There is a wealth of information for the business end (it really helps if you implement the ideas, too). As a buyer? I've had nothing but wonderful experiences, and spend far more than I make! As mentioned earlier, the range of creativity is staggering and there is definitely something here for everyone. So start shopping :)

Where else can we find out more about you and/or your creations?

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1 comment:

Odannysgirl said...

Great blankets! Fun shop. I love reading your features :)