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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy 19 months, BB!

Golly but my little girl is growing up so fast -- today she is 19 months old!

Took the kids shopping this afternoon to prepare for our upcoming camping trip. We are either crazy or brave (or both) to take a 19 month old and a 3 yr old camping. It's only for two nights, and only about an hour away, so if it's a disaster we can head home without too much trouble. But we're nervous nevertheless.

I just hope that keeping track of them in the woods is easier than it was running herd on them at Big 5 today. Easily the most stressful, frustrating time I've had shopping with them to date. And I had S there for backup, too! Even so, I could barely keep up -- they were chasing each other, running in the aisles, getting into the ball displays, giggling hysterically, hiding in the clothing racks.... I felt like one of "those" moms, the ones with the wild looks in their eyes and the even wilder children. And we were only there for about 20 minutes!!!

Thankfully, we didn't break anything, and we even found the items we were shopping for. (Camp stove, propane refills, waterproof matches, biodegradable soap, and a whistle.) I just kept reminding myself how grateful I should be that I wasn't having to run this errand on my own.

In other weekend news, we had a lovely time with the amazing Tia M yesterday afternoon and evening. We went to our favorite park, read a bunch of books, and the kids really enjoyed her company. Here she is all snuggled up with the wee ones, reading to them in Spanish.

Being her usual thoughtful and creative self, she'd brought over a charming book she'd written, all about the nature preserve where she works. BJ is utterly fascinated by it. I read it to him three times today, and S read it at least twice. BJ is especially amused by the pictures she included of herself at work at the preserve. Thanks, Tia M! You're the best!


April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! We have yet to go this summer due to Ollie's arrival. We're planning a trip for next month, though.

Anyways, I hope you have a blast!! Do you have a small play tent for the kids? Just something for them to play in during the day, so they won't want to be in-and-out of the real one.

One camp activity we always like doing as kids, and will do with ours, is bring some acrylic paint and have each kid paint a rock. Write the date/place of your trip and take it home to put in your garden or yard. Soon, you'll have a whole collection of colorful rocks!

Anyways, sorry for rambling, but I love hearing of others taking little ones camping. (Makes me feel not-so-crazy. Heck, Isaiah's first camping trip was when he was 6 weeks old ^.^)

Jen said...

I *loved* this idea! We didn't do it this time around -- just couldn't bring myself to mix a 19 month old and non-washable paints quite yet. But will definitely do it in the future.