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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flu Shots

The kids and I got our flu shots today, and I am delighted to report that they both got through with hardly a peep. I'd done a little prep work, including bringing a stuffed animal friend for each of them, and I asked the nurse to give the friends a "shot" as well. The nurse was very kind about it (though she didn't get my hints at all, so I had to ask outright for what I wanted) and everybody at the clinic was amazed by how well the kids did.

I'd been waiting to have S join us, thinking it would be easier with two adults to do any kid wrangling that might be necessary, but he woke up this morning feeling too sick to teach. So no flu shot for him, though he did go to the doctor. Sinus infection, poor guy. Thank heaven for antibiotics -- I'm sure he'll be feeling much better very soon.

I know it has much more to do with my great kids than it does with my parenting skills, but it was quite affirming to see them do so well this morning in the face of a typical meltdown situation. A very welcome situation all the way around. Now I'm just hoping the flu shot is more effective this year than it was last year! (Hey, any chance I could apply some of my apparent good luck in this direction???)

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