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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We headed out to the pumpkin patch today, visiting a patch put together as a fundraiser for one of the public schools. I'm not a huge fan of the bounce-house-parking-lot type of production, so this patch was a welcome discovery. It was small, cute, and reasonably priced. They even had a "haunted trail," but neither of the kids wanted to try it out. (Fine by me.) So we focused on the important task of selecting the perfect pumpkins.

Thanks to a very charming book we borrowed from the library, Margery Cuyler's Bumpy Little Pumpkin, BJ particularly wanted a pumpkin that was (you guessed it) little and bumpy. None really fit the description, since they were all quite smooth and pretty, but I managed to sell him on a slightly ridged diminuitive gourd.

They even had a "guess the weight" game going on, with four pumpkins the students had been growing in a little garden area. BJ and BB were very interested in the garden, which was fenced off with chicken wire, so we chipped in a few bucks for their fundraiser and gave it a go.

Alas, BB was NOT in the mood for pictures. BJ wasn't really either, but at least he wasn't wailing about it. She really enjoyed picking her pumpkin -- I think she was especially jazzed by the fact that she could pick her own pumpkin up and carry it herself!
But sitting down for a photo? Not so much. No thoroughly adorable pumpkin patch family pics this year. But at least we have some nice pumpkins to carve this week. The kids each got a small one, and S and I will share the one bigger one.
After picking out our pumpkins, we had a little picnic. BJ told us all about his pumpkin and his plans for carving. Apparently S has a plan as well. Any guesses how hard it would be to carve letters in a pumpkin? Specifically, the letters O, B, A, and M...?



~ April ~ said...

Aww, what a cute pumpkins (and the gourds are pretty cute, too *wink*)

That's a neat little pumpkin patch. We're off to one today that Hubby saw a sign for on the way to work. I'm crossing my fingers it's not a huge, crazy event. Just pumpkins and hay, and I'll be happy!

WTG on winning the pumpkin, too!

cath c said...

very cute! and i loved your poem that won at!

'caught on the current of breath'

we may have been on some kind of syncronic thing there