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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter -- if you don't count the last two hours. Total utter meltdown on BJ's part. We're talking one of the top three worst out of control tantrums in his four years on this earth. Ostensibly about his insistence that he be allowed to have wet Kleenex in the bath, but actually just overstimulated and tired. Of course I'm sure the sugar overload didn't help things. Sheesh.
(Actually, there were more than a few sugar-induced difficulties today; first holiday that I haven't played Sugar Police with the kids' candy intake. I didn't let them eat everything, but neither did I limit them to three jellybeans at a time. I think I've learned my lesson.....)

But for the most part, in spite of that, we had fun. Both kids were very excited about the holiday. BB was awake first, and she was delighted by her Easter basket, though a little confused. "Where are my presents, Mommy?"

Once we explained that Easter is not Christmas, and after we led her to understand that her basket was her "present," she got right in the swing of things.

"The Easter Bunny came, Mommy! He caaaame!" And then she gave me her best jellybean smile:

We dug out the bunny ears from last year -- they had migrated to the bottom of the dress-up basket. BB put hers on right away. This Easter thing is serious stuff, after all, requiring the proper accessories!

Soon she relaxed into the true bunny spirit -- lots of smiles and bouncing.

After a little coaxing, BJ joined in as well.

BJ got to try Peeps for the first time, which he REALLY liked. (BB not so much, which meant BJ got a few of hers, too.) You could almost see the sugar haze beginning to have its sticky effects. (See above.)

We continued the tradition of egg hunting, spreading Easter grass all over the house and in the backyard. At first, BJ wanted to use a big orange bowl for his "basket."

"Can't look at the camera now, Mom! There are more eggs to find!"

A very Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate the holiday! Hope your day was sweet... and not too sticky!


tierramor said...

I see lots of sugar hazes going on there...and BB's hair is so LONG!

cath c said...