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Monday, May 4, 2009

Headbanging and Baboon Dancing

The kids have really been shaking their booties lately, and I managed to catch some on video. For some time now, BJ has been playing music critic, getting upset when we play songs that are "too slow" or "too quiet" for his tastes. So it shouldn't have been too surprising to discover that he is very fond of punk rock.

S brought up the topic, having "punked" BJ's hair in the bath. During snacktime on Saturday night, S put on some punk so that BJ could hear what it sounded like. I swear, the boy immediately started banging his head! And then his knees, too, as you'll see. Unfortunately, by the time I got the camera he had taken it all down a notch, but I was glad to get a little something, since most of my dancing videos to date are of BB.


The next morning, BB had a great time rockin' out in the living room (her usual stage is the kitchen) with a bright red dance partner. No, not one of her parents all out of breath -- though that wouldn't be unheard of! She was dancing with her balloon. Or, as she kept saying, her "baboon."


One of my fondest childhood memories is of dancing, past my bedtime, with my parents. While Elton John's "Crocodile Rock" blared from the speakers in the living room, my dad whirled me around in the air and boogied about with my sister and me. It is an intensely happy memory, full of love. Although we don't have video of it, both S and I dance almost as often with the kids as they do by themselves. I hope my own kids will have the same sort of recollections, if to a different soundtrack!

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