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Friday, June 12, 2009

37 - 85 - 4 - 5 - 104 - 80 - 170 - 24 -21 - 1

It's been a busy couple of days, with some significant stats, so let's play some catchup counting:

Of course, there was my birthday! At 37 years old, I'm now significantly closer to 40 than to 30. And yes, I insisted on putting all 37 candles on the cake!

I had a very nice birthday on Wednesday, in spite of angst about my age. We headed over to the Santa Cruz boardwalk, and it was a full day. We had a very sandy, windy picnic on the beach.

No, that's not snow. It's blowing sand!

Later in the afternoon, the sun came out. We rode a bunch of rides, including the carousel, which BB was brave enough to do, again!

The kids had a blast on all the kiddie rides, of course. Bulgy the Whale was once again very popular with BB.

She's still too short for many of the kids' rides, though. Here she is with Pop-pop, watching Giki and BJ ride the kids' rollercoaster.

This time around I finally got to ride the 85 year old Giant Dipper roller coaster with my mom, which was definitely a highlight of my birthday!
Every other time we've been at the boardwalk together when she's been out to visit, I've either been pregnant or recuperating from issues with my herniated disc. Technically, I'm still recuperating, since it will never be 100% better, but I decided the joy of sharing one of my mother's favorite activities was worth the slight risk -- riding a coaster while looking at the ocean was actually something on her Life List of things she wanted to do, and even though our ride together was a repeat for her, it was great fun to do that together.

All told, it was a great birthday. And such a special treat to have my parents in town.

Yesterday, after BJ got home from preschool, S and I got ready to leave for our night away in San Francisco. It was our first time away together for an entire night since BJ was born more than 4 years ago. We'd bought tickets to Wicked and made a reservation at our favorite hotel in the city, the Westin St. Francis. To say that we were looking forward to it is an enormous understatement.

So when, 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave, I gave BB a goodbye hug and discovered that she was burning up with fever, I nearly burst into tears. 104 degrees. It had come on very suddenly -- when she went down for nap, she was totally fine! Every mom-instinct insisted that I should stay home, in spite of two $80 non-refundable tickets to the show (not to mention the non-refundable hotel reservation of nearly $170) but my parents insisted we should go. It was likely that BB had the same virus that BJ was dealing with last weekend, it was likely that it would just be a matter of nursing her and staying on top of the doses of ibuprofen, and it was very likely that she'd be all but better within 24 hours.

So, feeling heartsick, taking my parents at their word that they would call our cell if things changed for the worse, I agreed that we should go ahead with our plans. Of course I worried about my girl the whole time we were gone. (On a happier note, it seems BJ dealt with our departure and absence with almost no trouble at all!) I know that if it had been anybody other than my own dear folks taking care of her, I would not have been able to bring myself to leave. But I totally trust their parenting instincts, and I knew they'd be able to handle everything just fine. Including, it turns out, poor BB throwing up in bed....

As a result, it turned out that we were only gone for 21 hours, instead of taking more of today to relax up in the city. But we got to see our show -- which was FANTASTIC. Thanks everybody for such enthusiastic recommendations!

And S and I got to have some much-needed time together as a couple. We enjoyed a nice dinner without having to monitor the short folks. (I scarcely knew what to do with myself, not hearing myself say things like, "Forks are for your food.... That's not food... Please sit down.... Inside voices!")

We slept an entire night without having to wake up! (Shocking!) We had a yummy relaxed breakfast, walked around the city hand in hand, and then just before we left this morning we bought little souvenirs for the kids (a salmon pink silk kimono for BB and chiming cloisonne balls for BJ). We were back home again in time for lunch.

Sure enough, BB was feeling much better this evening. Still a slight fever, but her spirits are greatly revived. I predict (touching wood) that she'll be completely well in the morning. Now that it's clear that her fever wasn't anything more serious, I'm really glad we went. I'm so grateful to my parents for making that possible -- in the first place, for initially agreeing to watch the kids for us, and then for insisting that all would be well when BB fell ill. Thanks a thousand times, Mom and Dad, for being such wonderful folks and grandparents. We are so very lucky!

And I have to note this as well: it seems that I got a little bit of a visit from the karma fairy for leaving behind a sick kid. I now either have a cold myself or bad allergies, and I'm sporting 1 bruise on my right eye. The shiner happened literally the moment I walked through my front door when we returned -- or, rather, into my front door. I'd heard BJ running to open the door, so I was in the process of bending down with the intention of hugging my boy as soon as the door opened. Only to have him run full-bore into the door itself, smacking the metal circle of the lock directly into my eye. Turns out it was my dad opening the door and BJ was trying to beat him to it. So our return was dramatic, to say the least!


cath c said...

i put all the candles on my father's 65th bday cake. as the diningroom was almost lit on fire, that was the last time.

so sorry 'bout the fever and the bonky, but i bet it was nice to get a good night's sleep. when dh and i got away for 3 nights last month for the first time, it was blissful as far as sleep, but i missed all the kids. and kept thinking about how i scuttled them off onto my mil.

Becky said...

OMG, what a story! You two look so happy, so glad you got to enjoy your mini vacation!
I got you beat on age, 39 and trying not to count!!!! 40 certainly seems like something is looming! :D
I've read Wicked and heard it's amazing on stage, what a treat! :D

Jen said...

Cathy, that's too funny -- I hope I'm still lighting all the candles at 65! (Though I admit your story reminded me of the time we did a fondue party and lit the tablecloth on fire... and that was the last time we did a fondue party!)

Thanks for the comment, Becky. It really was a treat to get away. Wicked truly is amazing! And Cathy, I don't think I would have known what to do with *three* nights of good sleep!!!

tierramor said...

I LOVE the photos! And hey, it could be a poem... I celebrated my 37th birthday by getting my first shiner...

cath c said...

well, we did have to be at the airport at 4am for the flight home...

Angela said...

So glad you went and had a good night. MUCH deserved.

storybeader said...

pretty cake! Happy Birthday - looks like you all had lots of fun. Great pic of you and your mom! I'm so glad you and S went to SF ... all parents need a break from the kids. Puts things in perspective and makes everything worthwhile - even a black eye! {:-D