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Friday, June 19, 2009

Featured Estyblogger for June -- Lazy T Crochet

Congratulations to Lazy T Crochet, this month's featured Etsyblogger! It's kind of hard to think about sweaters and scarves here on a June day in California, but it was nevertheless fun to explore her shop.

This coral wrap/stole is just gorgeous, isn't it? I can imagine tossing it around my shoulders on a chilly evening up in San Francisco. (Not that I get many of those these days, LOL! But once upon a time.... and it would have been perfect during my night away earlier this month.)

This cowl is another one one of my favorites from her shop. Love the color combinations!

Don't forget to check out her summer sale! And naturally, being an Etsyblogger, she's got a great blog. You can read more here.

1 comment:

Splendid Little Stars said...

She is very talented! I like that cowl, too!