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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day & Happy Solstice!

Kinda cool that Father's Day falls on the Summer Solstice this year -- I'm tempted to wax poetical about the father Sun God and patriarchal traditions. But nah.

We had a very nice day, and S seemed to enjoy himself. I took the kids to the grocery store in the morning so he could have some relaxed time around the house. The kids decided we needed to make Dad a cake, so we got the necessary stuff at the store and made it in the afternoon. Vanilla with chocolate frosting was their pick; luckily S seemed to like it. (I don't think it would have been his first choice!)

During the afternoon, he took some time to do bargain/used DVD shopping, one of his favorite pasttimes. Scored Whisper of the Heart, the prequel to The Cat Returns, which made him happy.

Then for dinner, he'd asked that we do make your own mini-pizzas with a spinach and fruit salad. Yum! The kids enjoyed it, too. (I think that was his thinking, wanting to do something the kids would find fun when I asked him his preference for a Father's Day dinner. Is he a good dad or what?)

We didn't do much for the Solstice, which is typical for seasonal celebrations at the moment. Did talk about it a bit with the kids. Next year I want to do some sort of sun craft project. Too bad I didn't have it together to do this year, with as much as BJ has been into all things astronomical. Oh well.

Happy Father's Day to all you amazing Dads out there -- including my own fantastic father!

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cath c said...

a good father's day.