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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heavenly Body

Over the weekend, S and my dad took BJ to his first planetarium, a visit that has only increased his already intense interest in all nine planets. Ever since Sunday, we've been pretending to be astronauts, setting up an imaginary rocket ship, and talking about the universe.

BJ has also had a return of an earlier (rather irritating) habit. He's got this thing about skin-to-skin contact, and he's been really bad about boundaries. As in, lifting up Mom's shirt (or skirt) in public. I thought it was just with me, but S reported that today BJ kept trying to get up under his shirt while they were running errands.

Combine these two elements, and you get the following while standing in line at Office Depot:

BJ (ducking his head under S's shirt) "Daddy! Your belly looks like Jupiter!"

To S's credit, he actually reported this to me, knowing full well the laughter that would follow. What I don't think he was prepared for was this conversation, immediately after:

J: "Why do you think Daddy's belly looks like Jupiter?"
BJ: "Because it's big! And round!"
Guffaws ensue.
BJ: "And it doesn't have any rings!"
More laughter.
BJ (loving this now -- I swear the kid waited for the punchline) "And it's a Gas Giant!"

Neither S nor I could contain ourselves at that point. Then, tonight during lullabies, S started chuckling again, which got me started up. Hard to sing and laugh at the same time!

S is very good about laughter at his own expense. And he gave his permission for me to post this. (Even contributed the post title!) But I guess I giggled a little too much -- he seems to have reached a limit. He's now threatening to plant in BJ's mind an unfortunate comparison between myself and the seventh planet from the sun.

So I'll be nice.

(I love you, my G.G. You and your heavenly body.)


Miriam said...

Feh - my post went away. Anyways, this is too cute. Glad you are feeling well enough to make a little joke. Hugs to you!

cath c said...

too funny! we have a gas giant in our house, too....