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Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Plans Foiled By Raisin

We had such great hopes for the day. S is going to be mostly solo with the kids for the weekend while I'm at the craft fair all day on Saturday and Sunday, so we thought it would be smart to "feed the meter" with some good parental time today. We talked it over, considered options, and came up with some Family Plans. Recently I've been getting good one-on-one time with BB while BJ is at preschool, and BJ has been clamoring for "Mommy time," so we decided to divide and conquer: S would take charge of BB, and I would do something special with BJ.

First thing this morning, we each took "our" kid aside and explained that they were going to get special Mom/Dad time. We asked them what they'd like to do. They both said they'd like to go to the Children's Discovery Museum. OK, not what we'd anticipated, but we're flexible. So we headed over there as a family, figuring that this would be completely compatible with our Master Plan. Instead of herding both kids around, making one go where the other wanted to go all too often, we'd split up and meet again for lunch.

Well, I should have known that things were headed south when BB started crying and wanting me to hold her the moment we got to the museum. Granted, it was mobbed with kids, lots of them on field trips. This made both BB and BJ skittish. But S was his usual stoic self, and he soon brought BB around. We confirmed our plans to reconvene at noon for lunch, and as S ambled off with his daughter in tow, BJ and I went over to the new Curious George exhibit.

We had a good time, in spite of the crowds -- only a few stressful moments when BJ couldn't do Exactly What He Wanted because there were so many kids waiting for their turns. We soon headed over to the Wonder Cabinet, which remains his favorite place in the museum. We hadn't been there for long before I saw S heading our way, carrying BB.

"Not going well?" I asked, thinking I knew the answer.
"Worse than you think," S replied.
"What do you mean?"
"She put a raisin up her nose."
BB sniffled, right on cue.

So much for our plans. Turns out that BB had been so upset in the museum that S took her outside for a snack. She then refused to sit next to him on the bench, telling him instead that she wanted to be By Herself (which is a theme with her these days, when she's in a less than stellar mood). BB ended up sitting on one bench By Herself, eating her snack and sulking, while S observed from a distance on another nearby bench. Apparently, after a while, she came back over to S and was all love and snuggles. Only to look up at him and inform him, "Daddy, there's a raisin up my nose!"

S didn't witness the insertion of said snack food, but (in spite of the magnet episode) he believed her. We couldn't see the raisin, but she sounded stuffed up, and she was consistent about telling us that it was her left nostril. After trying to get her to snort it out -- only to have her keep sniffing in -- it was clear that a doctor's visit was going to be necessary. We left the museum, and S took her in while BJ and I stayed at home.

And after the 3 hour wait at the urgent car clinic, the doctor confirmed that she was being entirely truthful -- pulled out the raisin with one of those little hooks. She's totally fine now and has informed us several times that Food Does Not Go In Your Nose It Goes In Your Mouth.


When I shared this story with my mom, she was quick to point out that when I was a kid, a little younger than BB is now, I also put a raisin up my nose. And had to go to the doctor to have it removed, the same way.

Ah, the karma we set up when we are mere children. (And given this trend, is it any wonder that I've refused to even allow baby powder in the house? My mom will tell you all about that story, too -- how I made it "snow" with an entire Economy sized bottle.) I just hope we've had our share for the moment. I don't want to come home from the craft show to more such stories! (Knock wood!!!)


Julie said...

DJ shoved a headless screw up his nose last year. That was fun. (We could see it and got it out without a trip to the doc, fortunately.)

I don't remember if you're the younger or older sister...but my mom has a story--and a picture to confirm--about my brother who decided "to help powder the baby." I was completely covered, head to toe, in talc. And tracking it down the hallway where I was crawling. The room fared only slightly better. And my brother in the picture is wearing the most triumphant grin that ever was.

tierramor said...

Oops is right! What a cutie. Glad she's OK. HOW IS THE FAIR?

cath c said...

your mother is much icer about the pay back statements than mine! :)

giki said...

I am SO glad to hear that the raisin story has now moved on to family legend. Wishing you HUGE success today.

QuirkyDolls said...

In case anyone plays the "guess where the raisin is" game again,.. I read a suggestion in a childcare mag that suggested you have them sniff up some pepper and then close the open (NON raisin plugged) nostril with your finger pressed on the outside of the nostril and when the sneeze occurs the pressure forces out the raisin.
Of course the child has to allow all this activity...right!

cath c said...

uh-oh! having been the kid who sneezed the pepper for the sake of sniffing cause i was told not to, it really burns eyes and nose and anything else mucus membrany in the vicinity!

Jen said...

Thanks for all the input and sympathies! Knock wood, so far no repeats.

Yeah, Quirky -- getting the kid to allow it would be key!!! But having sniffed pepper myself when I was about 7, and felt the awful consequences for a good day afterwards, I have to say that I would NOT try that at home with my own kids. I think I'd prefer 3 hours in the urgent clinic, frankly! (And it was always so funny when I saw it in the cartoons... Exhibit A for how TV Ain't Reality. It didn't make me sneeze so much as gush tears and wail from the awful burning.)

Though it does seem that there ought to be a better way, doesn't it?.... The dr. actually had S try to do a sort of reverse-engineered rescue breath, plugging the open nostril and covering BB's mouth with his own and trying to blow *out* the raisin. It didn't work, obviously.

Julie, I'm the oldest of two. Love the story about the talc. And now that you mention it, I recall your telling me about the screw. (shudder!)

the fair was very good, Miri, thanks for asking! I'm working on a post about it -- hope to get it up later today!