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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From Facebook, For the Record

Two Facebook posts that I wanted to record for posterity.

Mine from today:

Jen Johnson just showed the kids what happens when you reflect a mirror into another mirror. You'd think I'd revealed the secret of the universe!

(And I admit, I'm still fascinated by that endless reflection effect. I vividly remember walking into a public bathroom when I was about 10 years old and seeing the huge mirrors reflecting into each other. I stood there for several minutes, mesmerized by the images of myself getting smaller and smaller and smaller.)

S's from today:

S's kid cracks him up. Memorable conversation of the day: "I love you, daddy." "I love you, too!" "I love you verrrrrrrry much." "I love you very much too!" "I love you infinity!" "I love you infinity too." "I love mommy just a liiiiiitle bit more, though." "I can understand that." "Will we all still love each other if the earth explodes?" Got to stay on your toes around this one.

Have to say, this whole Facebook thing has proved to be interesting. Particularly now that S is on as well -- took some time for that to happen. I'm still not 100% comfortable with social networking and this whole brave new world of communication tools. I keep thinking back to the 90's when I would post and lurk on text-based message boards. (Welcome to the 21st century, Jen.... but remember, before you get to thinking you're all tech-savvy and cool: you have yet to actually send a text message). But it's fun. And so far, I've managed to keep things in check. All sorts of folks warned me about the addictive nature of things like Facebook and Twitter. (Gotta say, like Facebook better than Twitter. But maybe that's precisely because I've not become addicted!) Though even I can see: if you're posting on your blog about what you wrote on Facebook, that may be an early warning sign that things aren't as under control as you might think!

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