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Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Mash-up

Culmination of a rambling conversation with the kids (really, is there any other kind?) as we discussed fruit trees, flavorings (especially lemon and apple), yucky vs. unyucky, What Things Are Made Of, and Where Things Come From:

BJ: "So what is water made of? Where does it come from?
me: "It's made of hydrogen and oxygen...."
BB (interrupting): "The sink!"

And thus the day's chemistry lesson was cut short by the kids' laughter. (There are worse things, huh?)

Happy Labor Day, by the way! Ours isn't going to be much different from any other Monday -- S is headed off to work in a little bit, and I'll have the kids for the day. Might go to a park, might well just stay home for some backyard fun. So hard to believe the summer is coming to a close. Wasn't it just April?

BJ moves up to the "big kid" room at preschool tomorrow, and he's really looking forward to it. He's already made 3 drawings for his new preschool teacher and announced, "I love her!" This bodes well, I think!

In other updates from the weekend: we spent a very nice Sunday at the Tapestry Arts Festival downtown.

It was much smaller than in years past, but still a fun time. Bought myself an adorable tunic from Wenifnotnow, got BB a new hat from Sunday Afternoons, and also did a little Christmas shopping. Kids had a bunch of fun with the free art booths.

Of course BJ wanted to turn everything from the spin art to the creature craft into something having to do with planets and the solar system. Here's the "alien" he made.

Of course we were out past BB's naptime, and of course just as we were getting ready to leave she caught her second wind (or at least did a fine show of chasing it down).


Naturally, while BB danced and ran around, BJ practiced his blast-offs.

Have I mentioned what he wants to be for Halloween?

First, he asked to be an astronaut. (Hardly surprising). A day later, he changed his mind. For more than a week now, he has been planning out how he is going to be Interplanet Janet. Yes, the "galaxy girl" from Schoolhouse Rock.

Seems his preference for unique Halloween costumes continues (readers will recall that last year he was a "friendly vampire bat") as does his challenge to me to come up with something creative. (And he's following in his father's footsteps for gender-bending, too -- when he was about BJ's age, S was Wonder Woman!)

BJ is already offering ideas for how we can use playsilks to make the costume and has outlined the requirements: curly hair, an engine skirt that hides his feet (because Janet doesn't have any legs or feet), and bubbles coming out of the bottom of the engine.

Mom, let me just say at this point that I have a whole new appreciation for your handmade Halloween efforts over the years... (especially the year that I was Mary Poppins!)

Meanwhile, BB has consistently said she wants to be Cinderella. (She hasn't seen the movie, just read the Little Golden Book version.) And I'm OK with that. It's perhaps given us a boost in the potty-training department (we bought princess undies this weekend, and she's worn them for the last two days!) and even though I rather dread what appears to be the beginning of The Princess Phase, if it means finally getting her out of diapers, I'll take it. I'm also OK with purchasing a pre-made costume -- even if it does make me a less than perfect mommy for making one costume but not the other. Know thy limits, right?


cath c said...

don't you love when they get so tired from lack of nap that all they can do is run around and bounce off the world around them?

i know i do.

cath c said...

oh, and your labor day weekend is so much more fun than ours....check out my blog tomorrow.

Jen said...

ah yes -- "the world is my bounce house" -- it's great, until they fall down!

will check your blog tomorrow. hope all's OK!

storybeader said...

I'm dizzy, after watching your little girl going in circles! She's so cute! Looks like you had a nice day! Beautiful weather! {:-D

Angela said...

Perfect mommy? What's that? You are an awesome mommy, which is waaaay better:)
Congrats on the potty progress!

giki said...

I have watched the video of BB several times now (I get such a kick out of it) and it just confirms what I've always known...we are only given so much engery in this life...and like fools we use it up when we are kids.

Jen said...

thanks story! weather really doesn't get much better than that in CA!

Angela, you're very sweet. (but we knew that!) I agree -- I'd rather be an awesome mommy anyday!

tierramor said...

I agree with Angela - the only perfect mommy is a REAL mommy - one who is in tune with herself and her world and includes her children as part of that great beauty! And that, my dear, is YOU!