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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Dishwasher Dance

It's been a challenging week, but a good one. Still settling in at the new apartment. The kids are constantly interested in (and sometimes alarmed by) the new noises that come along with a new place. It's remarkably quiet, actually. We hear closing doors, some footfalls from upstairs, and occasional voices. The appliances sound different from the ones at our old house, and the kids have definitely noticed.

In particular, BB likes to point out that the dishwasher sings a song when it is running. And, being who she is, where there's a song there must be a dance. Here's a clip:



cath c said...

i hope your move is smooth going,

that girl is so cute! miss personality.

Jen said...

thank you, Cathy! Hope you're doing well!