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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hair Pretties

This morning, BJ decided he would help BB put in some hair pretties. She'd already chosen three and had me put them in when he announced that what she really needed was an entire circle of barrettes, all around the crown of her head. He then took it upon himself to select the best pretties and put them in place. He had a great time making sure her hair looked just right , and she loved the attention.

Note BB's fashion statement: dress-up princess costume (pressed into service as a Dorothy dress, a la Wizard of Oz) on top of another dress (which is actually one made by my mom for me when I was BB's age!)

They aren't always this sweet with each other, of course. They have plenty of sibling rivalry. But I'm delighted to say that recently there have been more playful moments than squabbles. Which makes me very proud as a mom. Knock wood -- may that continue!

1 comment:

cath c said...

very sweet! and she looks like a fairy princess!

i posted a blog the other day of s & c cuddling and reading together, both too sick to fight about the close proximity.