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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Only Took Four Months...

That's correct: I got my new toy (a scanner) for Christmas and am only now getting a chance to play around with it! I couldn't resist documenting one of BB's first somewhat recognizable drawings:
She informed me that this is a monkey playing ball. The monkey is the thing in the middle with a red head and orange feet. (It's the first time that I've seen her give a drawn creature eyes, which is pretty cool!) The ball is not, emphatically NOT the large red swirl on the left. When I innocently said, "Oh, is that the ball?" BB replied, "No, Mommy! That's a bus. With four wheels." And indeed there are (at least) four green scribbles surrounding it. So there you go.

Which leaves the yellow, purple, and blue scribble on the right as the Object Most Likely To Be A Ball. But BB wouldn't confirm that for sure.

I have a whole stack of kids' art that I'm itching to scan, but Mama's tired so that will have to be enough for tonight! (Thanks again, S, for the nifty gift of the scanner!)

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