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Monday, April 19, 2010

Signs of the Season

We've been having some gorgeous days -- and if you couldn't tell it was in the middle of spring by the weather, you should certainly be able to predict it by any of the following, recently sighted in the household.

The Annual Replacement of the Bubble Wands and Replenishment of the Bubble Juice:

New Sandals (BB especially LOVES her sparkly pink ones):

Short Sleeves and Pigtails:

New Sunglasses (BJ still likes his ones from last summer, and they still fit, but BB had outgrown hers):

Springtime Haircuts (got them just today!)

Other signs of the season that I haven't caught on camera: the co-eds sunbathing on the lawn right outside our door (if I needed extra incentive to be exercising, there you have it... sigh...), BJ's allergies flaring up (at his 5 year check up, his ears were full of fluid again... double sigh), rain predicted for the next few days (along with the sunshine, we've been having lots and lots of rain, which is actually kind of nice for a change), and the annual urge to purge and clean and organize (coupled with the move, we've had quite the opportunity to downsize, which also is actually kind of nice in spite of the hassle).

So it's definitely spring. I've all but recovered from the yucky cold that hit last week, BB caught the sniffles soon thereafter but has bounced back very quickly, and so far (knock wood) nobody else has gotten sick. So far, on the whole, it's been a very good spring. I hope you can say the same!

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