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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Patio Garden

This round of the Etsyblogger carnival asks us to write about the growing season and our gardening plans. Since moving into the new apartment, I've found myself less nostalgic about the garden than I would have expected. Granted, we had some really nice growing seasons and some great veggies (not to mention strawberrries!) during the last eight years that we spent in our little house with the big back yard. But after seeing firsthand (several seasons in a row, now) just how quickly the weeds can put my best intentions to shame, I'm quite clear eyed at the moment about just how little time I actually had to spend in the garden. So I really don't miss it all that much. (Of course it helps a lot that we have a farmer's market in walking distance from the apartment!)

For the moment, I'm very content with the prospect of a little container garden on the patio. I plan to bring over the rest of the pots and grow a good selection of herbs -- right now, we have many of the pots over here and have planted a beautiful basil plant. I also have the plants that have -- amazingly -- survived nearly three months of neglect in the back yard of the old house. It took us that long to get them moved over! So that is a few scented geraniums and a bunch of succulents that I got for free off Craigslist several years ago. Talk about your hardy plants!

Plus there's a houseplant that I'm trying to revive with some sunshine (that's what BB likes to water best of all). All of this is just enough to keep things green on the patio -- and enough to keep the kids happy with helping to water everything. Here's BB, who is a wonderful assistant with her little watering can!


cath c said...

i found my balcony garden years ago much less frustrating than dealing with the weeds in my current patches. enjoy!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Your assistant is very cute and very well prepared for her task with sunglasses and watering can!

DivineOrchid said...

I love the pic of BB in her super cool sunglasses!