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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

All told, today was a good birthday -- definitely an Adult Birthday (in that we spent the better part of the morning dealing with paperwork for putting our house on the market) but nice nevertheless. I had lots of sweet well-wishes, which were greatly appreciated. I also got beautiful flowers in a new vase from the kids.
BJ presented me with a necklace he had made himself. "It's handmade crystals, Mommy!" (Amazing what they can do with crayons and paper these days, isn't it?) Very sweet. I wore it all day, even to our dinner out. (An ambitious outing to a local Chinese restaurant, at which the kids were less than wonderful. But they ain't gonna learn without practice, right?) And BB gave me a flower for my hair as we were getting ready to leave for dinner.
We finished the evening with cupcakes! (Custom made from our favorite local treat shoppe -- mine had chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, and vanilla frosting. Yum!)
I also picked my giveaway winner today. Big congrats to Cathy, who has already claimed her prize. Thanks to everybody who entered! It was fun to celebrate by sharing some of my handmade magic.

Add in the latest Guy Gavriel Kay novel, a very thoughtful gift from S, and it's clear that it was a very satisfactory birthday day. I'm such a lucky lady.


cath c said...

Happy Birthday!

and thank you, so much!

tierramor said...

Nommy looking cupcakes, and I LOVE Guy Gavriel Kay! Got into him as a runner-up for Robin Hobb, who, now that you are back in the grown-up reading world, I can pretty much promise you will love.