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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lil' Graduate

BJ graduated from preschool last night, which was pretty stinkin' cute. (Though also a wee bit silly. Apparently young 'uns graduate from *everything* these days. She says in her best old geezer voice. Or should that be geezeress? Yes, Mama is feeling the fact that come Thursday she'll be definitively closer to 40 than 30...)

ANYway. Back to the cuteness at hand. The kids had decided this was a Dress Up Event, so we got out our finery.
Both kids chose their outfits. BB settled on hers primarily because in the afternoon I'd been experimenting with making handmade fabric flowers and had made her a red flower hair pretty. So of course her dress had to match. BJ's tucked-in shirt didn't last for long.
It was a gorgeous evening, and we enjoyed walking over to the school as a family. The kids held hands most of the way.
The graduation ceremony was appropriately short and adorable. The kids sang some songs, including the class favorite: John Denver's "Country Roads." Then each child donned a mortar board and paraded across the stage to receive a diploma. I have to say, I was glad they didn't play Pomp and Circumstance. They kept it nice and low-key.

As they got their diplomas, their teacher Ms. S asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Lots of "firefighters" and "policemen." One "police girl." Two "helicopter drivers." One very cute boy wanted to be "a Daddy."

Our boy? "I want to be a scientist!" Ms. S, obviously in the know about this answer, asked him, "Which kind of scientist?" Answer: "A paleontologist and an astronomer!" That's my boy.
The tassel was quite fun, naturally. Here's BJ with his teacher after the ceremony:
My little guy is sure growing up. Last week, S and I went to kindergarten orientation for his school. How is that possible? Wasn't he just a wee baby? I'm sure before I know it, we'll be celebrating more graduations.... more milestones.... more years gone forever. All those cliches about time turn out to be profoundly true, don't they?


giki said...

Congrats to my favorite lil' Grad!
Dear pic of the two dear hearts outside holding hands. It does not get much sweeter than that!

cath c said...

very cute! i used to work in a preschool many moons ago, and it was all i could do to keep from crying when wee had our little ceremonies.