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Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Week

BJ finishes up his second week in kindergarten today -- and wasn't I supposed to have more time available with one kid in school five days a week? It sure hasn't felt that way yet. As you may have noticed, I didn't find any time to blog this week -- in fact, I'm still not quite sure what I did manage to accomplish in the last five days!

Aside from some really good times with the kids, that is. The days have been a blur. Part of the seeming lack of time has to do with the fact that BJ is now no longer doing any sort of rest or nap time. So the hour and a half that I used to be able to count on every afternoon to get some sort of something accomplished is no longer there. Since he's only been gone in the mornings for these two weeks, the schedule has been pretty crazy. I'm hoping things will open up once he stays through until 2:30. That starts next week.

The good news is that kinder continues to go very, very well. We've had one of his "new best friends" over for a playdate (J, whom BB originally befriended at the back-t0-school BBQ). We -- both S and I -- have completed parent training for the school. We start work in the classrooms next week!

So we've been busy, but it's all good stuff. Aside from the fact that I've come down with a yucky cold, things are going well. I'm doing my best to keep my germs to myself and just ride with the ride. So far, so good.


cath c said...

wow, you have been busy, and losing naptime is something to get used to. thankfully, i am not quite there yet with toots.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Yeah, it's an adjustment. But we're managing!