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Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Kids

So proud of the kids today -- this morning, BB had her first session of gym class in the "big kid" group. No more Mommy And Me! She did really, really well. It helped that we'd moved back to the Friday morning class, which has her two favorite teachers. It felt so good to sit on the bleachers and watch her running and tumbling about, full of joy and energy. I wish I'd brought the camera!

Yesterday, while BB was in preschool (which is also going very well, in spite of a few tears upon our departure in the morning) BJ and I walked over to visit his kindergarten.

We had a little snack on the playground and explored the campus a bit. His teacher was in her classroom, so he got to meet her and chat with her. I absolutely adore this woman. She and BJ bonded immediately over a discussion of Magic School Bus books, science, and outer space. Their class theme is the "Super Stars," and it so happens that he'd spent the early morning teaching himself about the life cycle of stars. (Including asking me to make him a felt set representing each of the stages. That's my kid.) So when he informed her that he loved drawing and all things science and outer space, she asked if he would make her some drawings of stars to put up in the classroom. Couldn't have made a better request!

He wanted to head home right away and make the pictures, and we'll deliver them on Tuesday when we go to the park day next week that the school has set up for all the kinder kids, families, and teachers. Needless to say, he's very excited, and I'm feeling better and better about the prospect of his starting kindergarten. I think back on all the sleepless nights spent worrying about his schooling, and I'm so incredibly grateful that things worked out to get us into our school of choice with the teacher we wanted. Thank you, world.

1 comment:

cath c said...

what a great teacher! i'm very happy for you all.