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Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Week of Kindergarten

It's official: BJ is loving kindergarten. We made it through the first week, and he's doing just great. He loves his teacher, he's making friends, and he's generally enjoying going to school. So far, so good. Whew!

On Friday, we had been forewarned that the kids' coming out of class would provide a bit of a photo op -- and indeed, it was very cute. Every kid was sporting a pair of star sunglasses, because they are all Kindergarten Superstars!

On Friday night, we celebrated a successful week by going to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. I've mentioned before that one of the things I like best about this school is the sense of community -- and sure enough, the folks we've been meeting are eager to make connections and foster friendships. His class already has a Yahoo! group set up, and I posted on it that we'd be heading out to dinner on Friday night and would welcome some company. We were joined by the family of one of his classmates, C, and we had a nice time.

The coming week will be another week of short days, and then he goes to the full day schedule for week three. Taking it easy and gradual. Here's to week two -- may it go as smoothly as week one!

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