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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Little Gymnast

BB is loving her Friday morning gym class. She absolutely adores it. As I've mentioned, at the beginning of August she moved up to the next level, which means she is no longer in a Mommy and Me style class. I get such a kick out of sitting in the bleachers and watching her run around, delighted with everything.

Last week's class went especially well, since both her favorite teachers were back. She'd had a little trouble with some substitute teachers in the previous sessions -- she gets nervous around folks she doesn't know, especially when it comes as a surprise and she was expecting familiar faces. But on Friday, she really shone with Miss D and Miss T. I had the camera in my purse, so I snuck away from the bleachers for a bit to play Mama Papparazzi. Here she is, dashing for all she's worth during the warm-up:

When they move from station to station, the teachers often model walking in a line with hands on hips. The kids get a big kick out of this.

Honestly, so do I. It kills me how BB puts her palms on her thighs and parades around. Every time.

BB has made enormous progress on the balance beam. Not only does she no longer need to hold somebody's hand -- but she has taken to walking with her hands over her head!

She actually paused, midway through, and reached out towards the teacher (Miss T in black on the left). Miss T then moved forward as though to spot BB and take her hand. "No!" BB said. "I want to give you a high five!" Which she did, without falling or even losing her balance, and then she put her hands back over her head and proceeded to walk the rest of the way down the inclined balance beam, unassisted!

More balancing...
The rings are definitely a favorite. She loves to tuck up her knees and swing out as far as she can before dropping down to the pad below.

Going upside-down is also very cool. (And I love the foreshortening in this pic, with her ginormous adorable piggie toes. What is it about kids' feet that is so painfully cute?)

Up the climbing wall, down the slide...

And then freeze!

(Classic freeze pose!)

At the end of class, the kids line up to get stamps on their hands or feet. (BB usually opts for feet.) For the past few sessions, the teachers have been telling them, "You are a superstar!" as they line up. This time, they had the kids repeat it back to them as they came up for their stamps. Here's BB, hands over her head, exclaiming, "I'm a Superstar!"

And indeed she is!

1 comment:

giki said...

And she is our SUPER STAR! And a great gymnast! And pretty stinkin' cute!!