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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today, BB kept asking me, "Mommy, how many penguins do you have?" Bewildered, I kept trying to get her to clarify what she meant. "Penguins? Why would I have penguins?" After five minutes or so of going round and around, I realized what she was really asking:

"Mommy, how many patience do you have?"

As you might have guessed, Mommy didn't have a whole lot of penguins left at that particular moment. (Whenever your kids start asking you about your level of patience, it's a pretty good clue that your patience levels are low to nonexistent.) In fact, I felt as though the entire parcel had swum away. (Or perhaps been picked up by the post and mailed to another country -- I didn't know until today that the collective noun was a parcel of penguins, but it fits.)

Why so impatient, you ask? Well, among other things, BJ decided to use the last 5 minutes of his rest time dismantling one of these -- with his teeth -- and in the process he swallowed a piece of plastic from the bottom of the toy. Ah, cheap plastic party favors made in China, how I despise thee.

Aren't kids supposed to get past that "I'm gonna try to swallow everthing" stage by the time they are two days away from going to KINDERGARTEN? For heavens sakes???

And yet there he was, coming out of his rest time, pink "flute" in hand, explaining how he'd managed to swallow part of it. And telling me, in an increasingly panicky tone of voice, that he still felt it in his throat.

After a phone consultation with the Kaiser advice nurse (how I heart the Kaiser advice nurse, general savior and soother of all my parental medical anxieties) we agreed that BJ didn't seem in imminent peril. She had me check for breathing issues, had him swallow several mouthfuls of water -- happily without any choking -- and scheduled an appointment for him tomorrow morning, just to be sure everything is OK. I hung up the phone with a list of things to look for (breathing difficulties, stomach pain, vomiting, trouble swallowing) and none of those things have appeared yet.

But I tell ya, it's enough to scare off any number of penguins. A whole freakin' huddle. (Yes, I do love me a good collective noun list.)

My hope for tomorrow?

More penguins.

And less time worrying about stuff my kids have swallowed.


giki said...

This is too stinkin' cute. I gotta say this will become a new family buzz know it! Some days I have more penguins that others...Hope BJ gets a good report today.

tierramor said...

Errmmm, yikes. Looking at the link, there only appear to be two parts, both of them large. What exactly did he consume? Wishing you many many penguins, my love.

Not a happy link, but a good pic of penguins.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

UPDATE: Dr. visit went fine, he was sent home with the instruction to eat prunes and fig newtons. She's not worried. Nor did she think we needed to do any fecal excavation to be sure about it being expelled. (Whew! It was bad enough doing that when he was in diapers and had swallowed the penny!) But we've had none of the signs of any digestive trouble, so my guess is it either passed last night or will today.

And yeah, Miri, you're right -- it looks like just two big pieces! I don't know how he did it, but he got a small part broken off at the bottom, and that's what he swallowed. A hollow tube no bigger than the diameter of a dime, maybe 1/4" long? But yeah, looking at the picture, it's hard to see how that was possible! Leave it to my kid to manage it. Better than one of the big pieces, at least!