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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Visit to Nana

Our trip last week to visit Nana J was full of fun -- as promised, here are some pics from our visit!

We had a great time at the Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena. The tunnel into the entrance was very cool -- a mosaic art installation with electric touch screens. Neat!

They had several climbing areas (similar to the one at the Delaware Children's Museum) and I was proud to see that the kids both wanted to try them out -- and were willing to help each other do so!
Looking up -- that's BB on the blue circle. It was supposed to be a series of "rain drops" that they climbed up.
Not surprising that BJ liked the tent that focused on astronomy (even though there really wasn't much in there during the daytime, aside from this cool chalk chart).
BB liked the butterflies and the butterfly show, when these guys were released.

She even got up during the show and volunteered to dance around, flapping her wings like a butterfly! For about ten seconds, anyway. As you can see, I was quick with the camera.

BJ was partial to the dinosaur show. He shouted out answers (all of them correct, natch) and was all around delighted. At the end, he got to go up and touch this:

Real dinosaur poop on the left and dinosaur eggs on the right!

He also loved the "excavation" area, where they could "dig" out fossils and dinosaur bones.

The snakeskin was pretty fascinating, too:

But perhaps the most fun of the day was had in the "stream" where the kids could splash around. It starts with a waterwheel and goes down through some waterfalls into a small pond area.

(PSA -- they require shoes for the water play area, though this isn't very clearly stated in their website, which we checked out before we visited. After being taken to task for allowing our children to play barefoot in the water (horrors!) we ended up having to shell out $15 each for flip flops for the kids in their gift shop -- it was either that, or leave the museum with very disappointed kids. The flip flops were their only advertised "water shoe" option, and frankly, the flip flops were much more hazardous than no shoes at all, since they kept tripping the kids and getting kicked off their feet. If you're gonna insist on water shoes, neglect to prominently feature that requirement on your website, and direct your guests to purchase them when they didn't bring any, couldn't you at least have a decent selection of *real* water shoes? Sheesh. Yes, I was highly annoyed. Rant Off.)

The next day, we headed to the La Brea Tar Pits. Here they are, behind the fence!
Of course the kids wanted to know if the mammoth statues were real.
(They're not.)

It was really a treat to visit the accompanying Page Museum.
It turned out we were there on a free day -- score! -- but that it was also their busiest day of the year, being the last free day before the start of school. One of the docents informed us that more than 6,000 visitors usually come through on the free Tuesday in August, and the press of people certainly felt that way!

BJ loved seeing the research area and all the signs explaining what the scientists were doing with the fossils and bones.
The mammoth skeleton was hugely impressive. I do mean, hugely! An average size, apparently, at 12 feet tall and 15 thousand pounds.

The wall of Dire Wolf skulls was the most memorable exhibit for me -- 404 skulls as a representation of the more than 1600 found on site. The artistic display was truly striking!

It was nice to take a bit of a breather in the atrium, which wasn't nearly as crowded as the rest of the museum.

After the Tar Pits, we went to the Santa Monica Pier. After our trips to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the kids are well trained by now to appreciate beach amusement rides.

Thanks, Nana, for a great time! Lots of fun, happy kids, and good memories made!

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cath c said...

sure looks fun!

boo about the water shoes troubles.