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Thursday, September 16, 2010

48 Laps!

BJ's school had a Walk-A-Thon this week, getting sponsors to earn some money for extra programs at the school. Thanks to Nana J and Giki and Pop-Pop for sponsoring him! It meant a lot to him. (One of the many things I like about this school is the fact that they do NOT push the kids into a lot of fundraising. No door-to-door stuff. Whew.) Each kid was given a goal of raising $100, which seemed reasonable to me. I'm sure we'll get more sponsors in years to come, but this time around we were perfectly happy to have him ask those people he wanted to ask and then make up the rest ourselves.

I was amazed to learn that my kid walked 48 laps! I'm told that each lap was 2/10ths of a mile -- so he walked nearly 10 miles!!!

I now understand the advice we were given that it might be more advisable to sponsor a flat amount than to sponsor per lap. Word on the street is that some kids did 100 laps and more! (50 laps was the max for the kindergarteners -- but even so!) It would be quite a surprise to promise a kid a dollar a lap and discover you owed them $100!

In other kindergarten news, BJ continues to really enjoy school. He's making lots and lots of friends, and there seems to be only one child with whom he is having any sort of trouble. C and he get along fine sometimes, but at other times they fight and tussle. But there's learning to be had in the trouble, as well -- right?

We also continue to be very impressed with the community at the school. The fact that parents are in the classroom every week really makes a difference, in so many ways. Everybody is "in it together" and really committed to helping the kids learn and have a positive experience at school. Both S and I are having a lot of fun during our mornings in the classroom, and BJ clearly likes having us there to participate.

BJ especially adores his teacher, A. We love her too!
Special thanks to the class photographer, L, for these pics.

Art is an important part of the curriculum. Here BJ is decorating a mask with his friends E and C (not the same C with whom he's having some difficulties).

The kids spend a lot of time outside, as well -- a benefit of the California climate for sure! Plus good planning on the part of a teacher whose classroom has suddenly had to go from containing 20 kids last year to 30 kids this year. Works better if you can spend some of the time outdoors! The parent, S, who was supervising this bubble activity informed us that BJ was having a great time blowing bubbles and trying to figure out the direction of the wind.
S reported it thus: BJ blows and then says, "Now I think it is blowing in an easterly direction." Blows again, nods, and announces, "Now it is in a southwesterly direction." Yep, that's our kid.

Music is a highlight of the week, when they go to see B and sing songs.

L was kind enough to share some videos of the kids "Singing with B" and obviously having a great time. The pic above of BJ stretching is from one of those songs. The music program is one of the programs funded in part by the Walk-A-Thon, so it's nice to see how much the kids enjoy it.

More evidence that school is making an impression: BJ has now started playing school at home. This is a new development. Earlier this week, he lined up a bunch of stuffed animals on the floor and opened the New Toby School, where he was the substitute teacher. (No word on who the regular teacher might have been -- appropriately enough, I was the parent helper.)
It's such fun and such a relief to have BJ's school going so well. Knock wood that this continues!


cath c said...

seems like a great place for him! looks like bb is having fun with her friend in the other post, too!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

it truly is a great place for him -- we are so pleased. and yes, bb had a blast :-)

tierramor said...

Hope it continues too! Love the sweet earnestness of his and the other kid's face in the stretching pic.