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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best Friends

On Wednesday, BB's best friend C came over for a play date. We'd originally scheduled a park play date, but on Wednesday morning C's little brother O had a high fever, so that didn't work out after all. Time for Plan B!

A dropped off C at our place and C hung out with us for the morning while A and O went to the doctor. (Turned out it was just a bad virus, poor boo, and -- knock wood -- not too contagious, since neither C nor any of us seem to have caught it.) The girls had a fantastic time playing together. They dressed up as princesses and ran around the house saying, "Good afternoon!" to each other in their most elegant princess voices.

The girls informed me that C was Cinderella and BB was Sleeping Beauty, because C was wearing blue and BB was wearing pink.
The girls also enjoyed doing some puzzles together (princess puzzles, naturally) and it was pretty cute to see them trying to manipulate the pieces while wearing their dress up gloves. The gloves were a key part of the outfits, so they really didn't want to take them off. Good fine motor skill practice, right?
I was sad not to get to spend some time with A, whom I consider to be one of my best friends, but hopefully we'll get a mommy playdate soon.

1 comment:

tierramor said...

CYOOT CYOOT CYOOT WITH CUTE ON TOP!!! Love the variations on the grins.