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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Earring Party!

Last night, I had a lot of fun participating in an Earring Party at Eni Thing, a local handcraft boutique. Got to meet some other local artisans and show off some of Mama's Magic!

To prepare for the show, I'd been having a lot of fun with wire and some new designs. My friend M bought two of my new pearl and wire creations. (Thanks, M! I really appreciate your coming out and showing your support!)

The lower ones were put on their card rather hastily in order to package them up for her -- which is why they are a little crooked. I was just happy to have time to snag a pic before I sent them home with M!

It was definitely a different experience focusing just on my earrings. Table felt a little empty without my other items! But I loved the idea of an Earring Party!

I'm calling my other new design Decadent Dangles. I created these just in time for this show, and while I didn't sell any, I got lots of great feedback on them.
I used all sterling silver beads and wire, handmade many of the ear wires, and incorporated lots and lots of semi-precious stones and genuine freshwater pearls. They really do feel decadent!
Red Jasper, agate, amber, citrine and freshwater pearl.

This middle pair below (with the blue pearls) is my favorite and I'm really tempted to keep them for myself! They have hematite, amethyst, rainbow fluorite, and genuine freshwater pearls
The ones on the left have lots of garnets, rose quartz, and freshwater pearls. The ones on the right have amethyst, rainbow fluorite, and freshwater pearls. Look for these in my Etsy shop very soon! (As soon as I can get pics taken!)


cath c said...

wow! you have lots of great new designs!

uh-oh, my budget!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

thanks, cathy! glad you like!