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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Kids

All told, we have some pretty happy kids. It's truly a blessing.

BB with her Raggedy dolls (one of which was mine when I was a kid!)
She loves these so much!

Art projects almost always make the kids happy. (And Mama too, when there's not too much mess involved!) Earlier this week, we had a great time doing collage. BB especially enjoys collage projects right now.

Deciding where to glue is a serious business for BJ!

Another surefire way to make the kids happy -- computer printouts!

Most of the time, when they ask for a printout, they are after a coloring page. Both the kids will ask to Google a phrase or a word and see what comes up. "Butterfly coloring page" (BB's frequent request) I'm quite comfortable with. Other good ones from her: unicorns and princesses. Google images can surprise you, though, so a little caution is in order. (The pic above shows her delight with the result of a Google image search for unicorns and princesses. Yes, it is a Barbie princess with a unicorn horn in the middle of her forehead. Yes, I found this a little disturbing.)

More often, it's BJ's requests that make me nervous. Start searching through Google images for phrases like "real human intestine" with a five year old looking over my shoulder? I don't think so!

But then he gets down to basics, and the result is worth it. He was thoroughly enchanted with his printout of the periodic table. Carried it everywhere the day he printed it out, showing it to random people.
Yep, that's one happy kid!


cath c said...

what a great feeling! and smart kids.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Absolutely Cathy! Thanks!!!