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Monday, September 27, 2010

Swim Class

One of the many benefits of our recent move -- we are now very close to the community pool and were able to sign up both the kids with a fantastic swim teacher.

C is a student at the university, and she's really great with the kids. We have our last lesson of the season next weekend, so on Sunday I was sure to grab some pics and video of the kids in the pool. They aren't swimming independently yet, but they've sure come a long way!

BJ doing "bobs" and loving it:
I remember when he protested even the idea of going underwater. No longer!


The pool is too deep for the kids to stand up, but the swim teachers have set up a nifty platform that they can stand on. Both BB and BJ think this thing is super cool.

Talk about a simple and elegant solution -- a pool noodle knotted around the waist makes an excellent flotation device! (Heavily supervised, of course.)


BB is still more hesitant about the water than BJ. But then she'll go and be all brave and surprise us -- swimming down the lane in the video above, C asks, "Do you want to hold my hand?"BJ wants to, but BB says, "No!"

Just last week, he discovered the fun of diving sticks and was brave enough to swim down for one without holding C's hand. This is a Big Deal for him! And he was talking about it all week long. BB wanted nothing to do with the dive sticks, but she enjoys jumping into the water now, which is a Big Deal for her!

We're very proud of both of them. We only wish we'd started the lessons sooner!

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