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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Big Day

Yesterday, our dear friends L and T got married. What a special day!
(Actually, they got married over the summer in a small civil ceremony -- yesterday was their celebration and declaration of their vows to each other.) It was definitely a Big Day. For everybody involved!

BB was their flower girl, and she took her responsibilities Very Seriously. Here she is before the ceremony, clutching her basket of petals.

She was nervous but excited, too.

When the time came, she was going to walk down the aisle (very, very slowly) right before the beautiful bride, sprinkling rose petals as she walked.
It was an outdoor wedding, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. When the time came, she had to follow the last bridal attendant all the way from the side of the field to the place where they'd set up the ceremony. I knew this would be a little much for her, so we agreed that I'd walk with her up to the point where the "aisle" began, and then she would do the rest By Herself.

Here she comes!

She did it!
When she reached the front, we hoped she'd be brave enough to stand up there with the other attendants for a little while. I wasn't sure how this would go, so I'd told L that it would probably be best to allow her to sit down if that was needed, and of course L said she'd be OK with that. Here I am, coaching her to stop and stand right where she is. And she did!

She stood there while L walked down the aisle...

She stood there, facing forward, clutching her basket and not moving, for a Really Long Time (for a three year old!)

The other attendants turned towards the bridal couple, as they should, but BB just kept staring straight ahead.
She stood there while the vows were exchanged...

BB had been given a darling little bouquet by L (mostly inspired by the fact that Lily, in Lily's Big Day, makes a Big Deal about holding how the flower girl must hold her bouquet of flowers through the ceremony, and L knew that BB is really into this book at the moment. L is so thoughtful!) and she'd tucked it into her basket of petals before walking down the aisle. (When she figured out that it wouldn't be possible to both hold the bouquet, and hold the basket, and sprinkle petals.) When she relaxed a little bit, she decided to pull out her bouquet and admire it for a while.
But still not watching the bride or groom... It was pretty funny. You could practically see the thought bubble over her head, "I'm supposed to stay here! I'm not supposed to move! Mommy said to stay here as long as I could!"

After the vows, I did my reading (a blessing I'd written for the happy couple) and came and stood next to BB for that part of the ceremony. She leaned into my legs for reassurance, but remained remarkably composed.
But no way was she going to stay up there when it was time for me to sit back down, so we gracefully made our exit, hand in hand.

I was SO proud of my little girl!!!

I was amazingly proud of both the kids, really. They were both very well behaved. BJ was happy for BB in her special role, BB didn't lord it over him (or should that be lady it over him?) and they were both full of smiles.

BB was even feeling brave enough to be part of the wedding party when it was time for them to be announced. Here she is with Auntie L as they gathered before that special moment.
What a beautiful bride -- and flower girl!
I was fully prepared for her to be Too Nervous with all the people and without me at her side, but she was fine! Brave girl!
She waited, holding L's hand, until everyone else had been announced.

I think the MC was fully prepared to announce the bridal couple and BB together and have all three walk in together, but I interrupted him before he did that and whispered that he should try to announce BB by herself and have me help coach her forward. I'm very glad we did -- because she was fine with it!

And here comes the happy couple!
Proud Daddy with his Flower Girl:
Auntie L was pretty proud, too:
Auntie L, in typically thoughtful fashion, made sure that there was something for everyone at the wedding -- excellent food, fun dancing, and even a craft table for the kids! BB and BJ had a great time decorating the piece of paper with my wedding blessing written on it. Later on, they decorated pumpkins.
When asked, BJ said that his favorite part of the wedding was the dancing. He and I had a lot of fun dancing together!

Me and my boy and BB with the bride!
S was allowed to dance a little, too. (Too bad the kids aren't yet at a point where S and I got to dance with each other... ah well, that time will come, I'm sure.)
I'd hoped to get a better family pic, since were were all gussied up, but this was the best we got:
It was important to BB especially that we get a picture of us with L and T, so I was glad we managed that before we left. (Alas, I didn't think to have my camera with me for the shots right after the ceremony with all the bridal party -- just like we didn't think to get a video of BB walking down the aisle! I'm hoping we'll get copies later on from one of the many folks with cameras.)
BB was one tired little girl by the end of the day (she'd only managed to grab about a 20 minute nap in the car on the way there). But a happy girl, too. She clutched her bouquet the whole way home.
Today she asked me if we could invite L and T to her wedding when she got married someday. I told her of course we could! Because L and T would be our friends for a long, long time.


cath c said...

this is very sweet! what a big girl to do such an important job! my niece was my flower girl at three in my first wedding, and she did a similar good job being in the bridal party. (and staring off elsewhere.)

i LOVE the bride's yellow dress!

Angela said...

How sweet is she? Just gorgeous. And I love the pic of the two kids together...

tierramor said...

SSSSSSSooooooooooo sweet! What a great story. And I love the happy wedding pics with gold gowns and sunflowers. :) Yay!

Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

This was so sweet, it made me cry.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Aww! Yes, it was a very sweet day and one we will all remember for a long time. Yesterday BB put her flowers from her bouquet into her flower press so she could keep them "forever" -- such a special memory!