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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

California Academy of Sciences

On Monday, BJ had a day off from kindergarten, so we took a family trip to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. We'd been trying to go for some time now, and it was a real treat to finally make it.

BJ was so excited he could barely contain himself. You can practically see the thought bubble above his head: "I'm at a museum with SCIENCE in the title! THIS IS SO COOL!"
BB had taken a little convincing about the prospect of the trip. ("Will there be any princess things there?") But when she heard that there would be butterflies, she was in. And she wasn't disappointed!
The rain forest exhibit was easily my favorite. So lush and lovely!
And there were definitely butterflies!!! We saw this gorgeous one several times...
Including once right on the path in front of us!
BB knelt down to wave hello:
Up in the canopy, the butterflies were everywhere.

They even landed on us!
The kids were super gentle and really amazed to have them fluttering on a fingertip.
After the rain forest, BJ and S went to the planetarium show while BB and I went to the little kids area. BJ apparently (and not surprisingly) LOVED the planetarium. He's grown up a lot since his first attempt at a planetarium show. S reported that BJ sat in his chair throughout the show, awed by everything, simply repeating, "Wow! Wow!"

It took a while for some space to clear in the kids' area, since they limited the number of children allowed at one time. So BB had fun with the tortoise statue. (So much fun, she insisted on bringing BJ back to visit it later!)
When it was finally our turn to go inside, BB enjoyed the blocks in the Young Explorers area. This little corner of the museum felt very much like a condensed version of the Children's Discovery Museum here in San Jose.
Perfect to entertain BB while BJ was busy in outer space! And clearly the butterflies continued to be of interest -- BB had a great time with this butterfly puppet.

BJ got to see his first T Rex skeleton. Very impressive!
He also got to see a Real Live Anaconda. It was HUGE!
We spent some time in the aquarium area after lunch.
BB managed to hold it together quite well during her usual naptime, and we headed home about 3 p.m. We didn't manage to see everything, but we had a lot of fun with what we were able to explore. The day was definitely a success!


tierramor said...

Sooo cool! Wish I could have gone with you! The first butterflies are CA buckeyes:


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

we would have loved to have you there! maybe next time? thanks for the link about the butterflies!