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Monday, October 25, 2010

Oceans and a Princess Smile

Humbling moment of the morning:

BB interrupted whatever we were talking about to announce: "Mommy, you have oceans on your head! Will I have oceans on my head when I'm a grown up?"

Puzzled, I asked her what she meant.

"Oceans, Mommy! Here!" She pointed above my eyebrows.

I was still confused, so we went to the mirror together.

She continued to point to my forehead. "They are like waves!" she explained, all excited.

I looked in the mirror, raised my eyebrows a bit, and saw exactly what she meant. They are, indeed, like waves. Wrinkle waves, lining across my forehead, stamped there for all to see.

But then she told me I have a "princess smile," so I felt a little bit better.


Aimee Diane Designs said...

That is great. Those "waves" are evidence of your wisdom and worldly experience (at least that's what I tell myself)!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

I like that way of looking at things, Aimee! Thanks!