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Friday, October 8, 2010

My Little Entrepreneur

This evening, after dinner, BJ decided to make a little extra cash. He drew up some "maps" and stood on the street in front of our apartment, hawking them (all two of them): "Maps for sale! Maps for sale! Five and up cents! Maps for sale!"

The pricing arrangement took a little explanation to passers-by, in spite of the sign he had so helpfully made (he meant, five cents and up).

(I was able to get a scan of the sign, but not of the maps themselves. I love how he corrected his spelling, erasing the S and replacing it with a C.)

This all started under S's watch, and apparently BJ sold one to a student who was passing by (and charmed by the entire arrangement). For a whopping ten cents! After I came out to supervise things for a while, he sold his other one to our neighbor C for a dime. The kid felt rich!

What's next -- his own Etsy store? (It wouldn't be the first time a youngster opened one, that's for sure!) His entrepreneurial Mama was certainly proud, if a little bemused by his vocal advertising of his wares. He's not shy, that's for sure, at least not about this sort of thing!

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